The Project

The Human Givens Project


The first seminars and workshops by the founders of the Human Givens project (Ivan Tyrell and Joe Griffin) were only twelve years ago. That is the measure of the astonishing progress made in the dissemination, expansion and widening applicability of the Human Givens in little more than a decade.


The Human Givens College, the teaching arm of the Human Givens project, runs seminars and workshops across the country. Attendances each year are approaching five figures. And there are now well over1000 graduates, who have completed an intensive two week residential course and passed the exam and over 200 Practitioners, who in addition have provided video evidence of their clinical competence and facility with the Human Givens ideas. Visit Human Givens College

The Human Given Institute

The HGI is the accreditation body for Practitioners - to maintain the high professional standards and reputation for HG therapy. Visit The HGI Website


And already there is an impressive body of publications available from Human Givens Publishing. Visit Human Givens Publishing.

These include:
  • Human Givens - the second edition of the authoritative explanation of the HG psychology and origins
  • A series of best selling self help books. Those already published cover Lifting Depression, Freedom from Addiction, Mastering Anxiety, Anger and Pain relief
  • Dreaming Reality - how dreaming keeps us sane, or can drive us mad is the development and research behind one of the core understandings of the Human Givens.
  • The Human Givens Journal - now a biannual publication and essential reading for all those involved and interested in practical psychology.

Progress and Dissemination

The vision of the founders is that the Human Givens ideas should be disseminated widely and broadly so that they can be applied to enhance and heal all aspects of human and social activities.
This will only be limited by the imagination and resourcefulness of those who come into contact with the Human Givens ideas.
And though the treatment of mental illness has been the prime focus, already there are applications and experiences in education, physical health, executive coaching, management and diplomatic relations.
The London Human Givens Centre is the Capital’s central point of contact for
accessing fast, effective and proven psychological help.

Taught for less than fifteen years in the UK, Human Givens has been called “the missing heart of positive psychology”.