Frequently Asked Questions

1. You are making large claims for the Human Givens approach to Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy – what evidence do you have?

There is masses of anecdotal evidence and now hard research evidence – that Human Givens therapists consistently achieve outcomes at the very top end of the scale and generally superior to all the available therapies out there. 
We are talking of success rates in the 70-80% range and on average just 4 sessions of therapy.  Visit the Human Givens Practice Research Network for the very latest research and results.

2. How does Human Givens compare with most other commonly available psychological therapies

HG is faster and more reliable than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – mainly because CBT is based on the false belief that unhelpful thoughts can be challenged successfully when the underlying emotion remains strong and out of control

HG therapists are generally more ambitious and confident than those trained inStandard Counselling, who typically content themselves to just listen carefully and who are bound by restrictive and on the face of it arbitrary requirements from their accreditation bodies. Standard counsellors training will, as we understand it, not cover the latest scientific understandings regarding the causes of mental illness (as Human Givens does) and will not be comfortable using trance and will shy away from it and indeed barely understand it

HG is very different in ambition and scope from Analytical therapy, such a Freudian psychoanalytic. There, the focus is on long-term (and therefore expensive) work, the objective of which is to uncover the so called deep causes of behaviour and distress. Long-term therapy has been proved to be damaging for depressed people as it encourages unhelpful rumination and their typical criticism that HG is by contrast merely sticking plaster (rather than fundamental) is unfounded and disproved.

Psychiatry has a very different perspective, believing in the medical model of mental illness even though there is no reliable evidence in its support (and this is after 100 years of trying). Of course psychiatrists will often be working in the NHS with very damaged people and so their reliance on unproven and often dangerous medication is understandable – albeit deeply concerning.

Concerning Hypnotherapy, there are many therapists practising and many schools of training - and many of these will be doing good work as trance is a vital tool to effect change.  But in our experience, their training and approach will lack the holistic understandings and insights that inform the work of LHGC practitioners. 

3. When can I expect to see results?

Very quickly! Although everyone is different and guarantees cannot be given, most clients will only need between 3-4 sessions of Human Givens therapy.

4. How much does a therapy session cost? 

That will depend on the arrangement made with your LHGC therapist – but typically in the range £50-£70.

5. Do you offer email, phone or home therapy sessions?

Yes, and click here for details of the Skype therapy available.

6. What if I don’t get along with my therapist?

In that unlikely event, sessions with another therapist can be arranged. And of course you always have the option to discontinue.

If you are desperate for good counselling or psychotherapy but have not yet heard of Human Givens, LHGC have the practitioners you need, close to where you will need them.

Perhaps you have tried traditional counselling, gone to your GP and been offered and tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or have been taking medication (but uncomfortable about this). Maybe you are now desperate or are just becoming aware that something is not quite right.

If you know of Human Givens, LHGC will direct you to the best Human Givens practitioner for you

You might have attended Mindfields College events, read extensively about Human Givens, just dipped into something that appealed to you or have been recommended to try Human Givens by someone you trust.
The London Human Givens Centre is the Capital’s central point of contact for
accessing fast, effective and proven psychological help.

Taught for less than fifteen years in the UK, Human Givens has been called “the missing heart of positive psychology”.