Lifting your Depression fast, from the first session

Your sleep should begin to improve within a few days and your energy and motivation will then begin to grow

  • Unproductive worrying and rumination leading to poor sleep (with excessive and exhausting dreaming) is the immediate source of your depression. Fire fighting to get this shifted, even if just a little - by helping you to worry less - is the first urgent task of your LHGC practitioner.
  • Then as your sleep and motivation begin to improve, you are moving onto a virtuous not vicious circle.

You will begin to view your situation differently. What can be done to begin to get some movement in your life? From this, meaningful action and hope will follow

  • Your have essential emotional Needs, which must be met for you to live and sustain a good life. These needs revolve around safety and control, relationships and satisfying and stretching activity.
  • Your depression has developed from a situation where you have become stuck. Something was and still is stopping you getting some of your essential needs met and the consequential arousal and worry, feeding into exhausting sleep, is creating a self feeding vicious circle and depression. 
  • Like all human beings, you function best when you are active and problem solving. So, your LHGC practitioner will be using a wide variety of tools and insights to help you to see and feel your situation differently and begin to get you moving.

Your unhelpful emotional patterns, beliefs and thinking styles will be challenged and shifted in order to enhance control in your life and so support your capacity to get your life really working for you.

Your LHGC therapist has many means to help you here – and will, amongst other things, make use of guided imagery and rehearsal. The key is to shift unconscious patterns.

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Does all this makes sense to you?
Then, this is what you can do right now.

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