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Finding the root sources of your anxiety?

Although anxieties vary in their sources all, (including yours) will be linked in some way to the long evolved emotional response that automatically warns of danger and prompts action to avoid that danger or threat. This is the flight or fight response and it resides in the primitive brain or limbic system and for those with anxieties there will typically be a past experience that is being triggered repeatedly - a trauma like response.

What is important to realise is that the trauma need not be an accident, attack or abuse but any of a number of difficult past experiences such as humiliation, loss, illness, a panic attack and so on.

An early task of your LHGC therapist will therefore be to discover whether there is a trauma like response still active in your limbic system, which firing inappropriately, needs to be addressed.
A second related investigation will be to discover how you have coped over what could have a long period of a trauma like firing of high emotion.

A third investigation will be to see how both your source anxiety (probably trauma) and your coping strategy have impeded your capacity to get your essential emotional needs met. This is because that will be adding to your underlying anxiety.

Remove any trauma that you may be enduring

Typically LHGC therapists will use the REWIND method. You can be very confident that this will be effective in just one or a few sessions of therapy. Rewind work can be all or mostly all that is needed for a range of anxiety disorders such as Phobias, regular Panic Attacks, Agoraphobias, Social and Performance Anxieties and so on.

There will finally be a potentially wide range of assistance that will help you

These could include tools and methods to help you relax, ways to confront and deal with excessive worrying and new ways for you to get control and movement in your life.

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