Therapy Principles

The LHGC Counselling/Psychotherapy Principles

Whether you are depressed, anxious, addicted, angry, compulsive, stuck, stressed, lacking confidence or .... whatever it is, LHGCpractitioners have the experience and intelligence to apply these transformative principles in the best way for you:

1. Meeting Essential Needs is a prerequisite for emotional health

LHGC practitioners will normally undertake a needs audit (either explicitly or implicitly) - how well are your needs being met now?
Evaluating Needs will give a clearer idea of what needs to change for you and you also will be empowered by seeing your situation differently. Regardless of what brought you to us (whether depressed, addicted, stressed, anxious or obsessive), right now and perhaps in the past also you were living a life where your needs were not being met properly.

2. Human beings are problem solving creatures

Achievable, concrete and relevant goal setting is an essential prerequisite for you to change.  If you are stuck and cannot see a way forward, then you will lapse into a depression or an anxiety state or attempt to overcome the stuckness by addictive or obsessive behaviours.

3. The brain understands and communicates by patterns (metaphors) and seeks to complete these in the environment

  • We will use metaphors and stories that will make sense to you on all levels including unconsciously.
  • LHGC practitioners know that unhelpful patterns from the past (activated out of your apparent control and often at high levels of arousal as a metaphorical response) need to be identified and cleared. This will be done, typically in trance. These arousals outside conscious control can be barriers to change and getting essential needs met, albeit manifesting differently for different people.
  • For some it will ruminations (that lead to depression) or high anxiety (leading to panic attacks, hyper-vigilance and avoidance) or as habitual patterns of anger, addiction and obsessive behaviours ..... and so on.

4. High emotional arousal makes us stupid and learning takes place when calm

Either directly (by teaching and directly experiencing relaxation) or indirectly by changing perceptions and neutralising unhelpful patterns (see 3 above),your LHGC practitioner will be working hard to facilitate a more relaxed state from which you will be able see more clearly and so move forward.

5. If trauma or trauma like symptoms are a root of emotional distress, then they must be resolved quickly

LHGC practitioners will confidently use the REWIND technique to detraumatise a wide range of past experiences – that are still active and causing emotions to run out of control. They are also skilled in finding these damaging past experiences even when they are hidden and seemingly unconnected to the matter at hand.  REWIND by clearing the trigger of emotional distress can impact quickly to relieve depressions, all kinds of anxiety problems, addictions and much else.

6. Imagination is the main engine for improved performance

We will make use of guided imagery and visualisation to motivate and rehearse helpful change.

7. Our capacities and resources are always greater than we think

We will work at all times to identify and refocus or to restore and amplify your resources, which in most cases will be accessible from your past memories and experiences.

8. For all of us, emotions precede and drive thoughts and actions

There are a range of methods that have as their objective the creation of appropriate emotional tags to the events and circumstances that you are likely to be experiencing.
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