Therapy in Practice

Effective Counselling/Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

LHGC practitioners will focus on helping you to identify unmet emotional needs and then empower you to meet these needs by activating your own natural resources in new ways. To do this, we will use a variety of up-to-date, proven, brief solution oriented techniques.


Problems understood and confidently dealt with by LHGC practitioners

  • Depression : Anger , Grief , Bereavement , Pain and Illness
  • ANXIETY DISORDERS : Trauma ,PTSD ,Panic Attacks ,Bullying ,Abuse ,Agoraphobia ,Phobias ,Performance , Exams and Generalised Anxieties
  • ADDICTIONS : Alcohol ,Binge Drinking ,Smoking ,Cocaine ,Gambling and Sex
  • Obsessive behaviours (OCD)  : Self Harming ,Eating Disorders ,Psychoses and Personality Disorders
  • STRESS : Insomnia ,Worrying ,Perfectionism ,IBS and other Stress ailments
  • RELATIONSHIPS : Marriage ,Family ,Loss and Jealousy
  • LIFE COACHING : Problem Solving ,Meaning and Direction ,Self Confidence Self Esteem and Well being
The Human Givens way is not to diagnose and assess first and then begin treatment - but to recognise that many different presenting problems have similar causes - and so to begin to work right away.

LHGC therapists know how to make a difference quickly - beginning with the first session.

  • The establishment of good rapport with you.
  • Careful listening and appreciation of your values, experiences and view of your situation
  • Focused information gathering and the identification of clear concrete goals.
  • Identification of your resources (often forgotten or unappreciated)
  • A clear explanation and normalising of the problem
  • Teaching ways to reduce emotional arousal, reframe unhelpful views and rehearsal of agreed goals.
  • Practical advice and tasks may often be appropriate - to assist you with future feeling and thinking (e.g. to reduce and control anxious thoughts) and to help you get needs met (e.g. for shelter, friendship).

Phobic fears and trauma (PTSD) and most emotionally strong past experiences can be quickly removed.

Rewind is a non voyeuristic dissociation method to use in trance. All Human Givens therapists can attest to its effectiveness and wide applicability. Rewind is one of the main tools to overcome bad past experiences - not to understand them for their own sake but to remove their capacity to stop essential needs being met today. 

How the brain manufactures Depression is easy to understand

Based on original research by Joe Griffin (one of the founders of Human Givens), it is clear that dreaming, by deactivating the uncompleted emotional arousals of the previous day, is essential for mental health. 

For a depressed person, excessive emotional arousal (caused by rumination and black and white thinking styles, often precipitated by difficult life events) overloads the dreaming mechanism. This then generates a downward spiral of hopelessness and loss of energy and motivation. The key to lifting depression is to stop rumination and reduce arousal (and so improve sleep and dreaming), to build hope by focusing on small practical steps that get needs met and to carefully challenge rigid and unhelpful thinking.
The London Human Givens Centre is the Capital’s central point of contact for
accessing fast, effective and proven psychological help.

Taught for less than fifteen years in the UK, Human Givens has been called “the missing heart of positive psychology”.